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The core principle of dental treatment must be healthy tooth support.

Chronic periodontal (gum) disease is responsible for the majority of tooth loss in people over 35 years.

The primary factor in the development of both dental decay and periodontal disease is the establishment of microorganisms in the form of plaque. These microorganisms produce toxins which are capable of causing tissue destruction. Acid build up in dental plaque is responsible for initiating tooth decay. If untreated, gingivitis which is the first sign of gum disease, leads to periodontitis which can eventually cause tooth loss. Thus besides demonstrating correct brushing technique and scaling at regular intervals my approach will emphasise nutrition support. Amongst the products I frequently use, and which can have a profound affect on the degree of gum inflammation, are co-enzyme Q10 and Gengigel.

Friendly, experienced staff provide a warm and pleasant atmosphere in which to work and be treated. I am also a member of ADAPT, a group of dentists who gather regularly to discuss and report on new materials and techniques.

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